Film Rewind Can you still get film for that?

(Self-)Portraits with the Rolleiflex

Though this may be down to the fact that this camera and I are still in our honeymoon-period, the Rolleiflex continues to amaze me. It is a joy to shoot and it feels great to use when you are around other people. After all you are not putting some black piece of metal in front of your face when you take a shot. Also having been absent from the world of medium format for more then a decade I'm amazed by the technical quality the images have compared to 35mm in terms of their resolution the way the grain looks. There are certainly situations where I prefer 35mm and my Leica is nice little camera to just have on you all the time - but right now the Rolleiflex basically comes with me when I leave the house and only a week of rain and storms has kept me from shooting more.

While the shots shown this far have all been on HP5+ I thought I'd use the opportunity and try something new: I've ordered some rolls of Fomapan 100 and Foma Retropan 320 and I'm really curious how these films will perform.