Film Rewind Can you still get film for that?

On second thought: The Rolleiflex T after using it for a while

Back when I posted my first impressions of this camera, I had just gotten it, and everything was still new to me. There was a lot of nostalgia involved since it brought my back to my days using a Rolleiflex SLX. So, I thought I’d give you my opinion after some weeks have passed and I’ve shot the camera quite a bit over that time.

Day to day handling

This camera has very quickly found a permanent place in my backpack or otherwise on a strap around my neck when I go to work or just out for a walk. There is a bit of a guilty conscience involved towards my Leica, but shooting medium format is simply a lot of fun to me. It certainly is not for everyone – after all it slows you down a bit compared to 35mm cameras – but if you like this style of shooting then the Rolleiflex is great.

The camera is controlled via two knobs next to the lens: one for the mode (just shooting normally, flash-sync and self-timer) and one for the exposure on the other side. Depending on pushing the exposure-knob in or pulling it out aperture and speed are either coupled (keeping the same EV) or independent. This took a bit of getting used to, but basically after a first roll of film I’d gotten the hang of it. This can be really great: if you want to change you shutter speed without changing the exposure then the camera will adapt the aperture accordingly.

Image quality

I guess this is what a lot of people are after, personally I’ve not done any tests that would allow me to tell you much about it other then that I like it. My Rolleiflex T comes with a 75mm f3.5 Tessar lens. Does it take great pictures? It sure does. Is the 80mm Planar maybe a bit sharper or has more resolution? Perhaps. Personally, I feel these lenses are at a level where it does not matter that much anyways (I also use Leica lenses from the 50s and have never found myself saying “if only I had a current Summicron” or something like that).

Next thing to try out: Flash

Since the leaf shutter is great in that it syncs at all speeds, I certainly want to try some flash photography with this camera. I’ve already ordered a cable and I’m going to try to have it trigger my Godox flash. Ideally, I’d be able to hook the remote trigger up to this camera so that I could work with all the settings from there. We’ll see, I’m sure it will be an interesting thing to try out.

So, what’s next?

I currently have two projects in mind that I’m going to shoot on this camera, but those are things for another day. For know I just really enjoy using this great little camera. Also, I’d like to get an enlarger that can do medium format. So, we’ll see about that.